November 12, 2021

Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology in Riverside, California

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Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology's Riverside, CA campus is a branch campus of the Spartan College school in Inglewood, CA. The branch is in Riverside, California, at the historic Flabob Airport. The Aviation Maintenance Technology Program (AMT) is available on this site using tablet technology. Spartan College prepares graduates for their Airframe and Powerplant certification through a combination of lecture and hands-on delivery modalities. The Riverside (Inland Empire) campus is conveniently located little over a mile south of the 60 Freeway and about two and a half miles west of the 215/91/60 intersection in downtown Riverside. Our location's accessibility to students is a significant benefit to the Inland Empire area.

Technology for Aviation Maintenance (Diploma)

Aviation maintenance specialists keep aircrafts in safe flying condition by servicing, repairing, and rebuilding aircraft components in accordance with the Federal Aviation Administration's strict requirements (FAA). On a regular basis, every aircraft must undergo extensive inspections and repairs. These services are handled by FAA-certified technicians. Airframe, piston engines, turbine engines, hydraulic systems, propellers, rigging, warning systems, and environmental systems are all worked on by technicians in this discipline.

Equipment and Facilities

The Riverside (Inland Empire) Campus lies on the grounds of the Historic Flabob Airport. It has 5 classrooms, a resource center, an administrative office, and 3 shop facilities, including two hangars accessible from the airport's taxiways.

Among the tools and equipment available are:

  • Reciprocating and turbine engines
  • Cessna 172 RG plane
  • Propellers for a Cessna 310 aircraft
  • Electrical troubleshooting training from NIDA
  • Sheet metal and riveting tools
  • Materials made of composites

Our new school hangar is being built just a stone's throw away and is expected to be completed in early 2021! Our new hangar will be fully equipped with seven classrooms, four of which will include built-in labs/workshops. There will also be over 10,000 square feet of multipurpose space, a larger student resource center and break room, as well as administrative offices.

Our instructors, who have all worked in the field, can help you focus on vital skills that are often employed. Click here to view our catalog supplement for a complete list of the professors and administration present at our Inland Empire area Campus.

Affiliations Professional

Spartan College personnel and instructors are members of numerous professional organizations in order to keep their services, processes, and industry expertise up to date. Among these organizations are the following: Delta Airlines, Qantas Airlines, Compass Airlines, and Panasonic are among the carriers.


It is no secret that the greater Los Angeles area is huge, and traffic can make seemingly little distances take an eternity to drive. As a student, you may enjoy the many attractions that the region has to offer, such as hiking wilderness trails, winter sports, hot air ballooning, zip-lining, and NASCAR.

The Flabob Airport's history has been one of teaching through aviation. We are honored to be their partner in this endeavor. Flabob Airport, which opened in 1925, is Riverside's first civil airfield and the state's eighth oldest surviving airport. Flabob has long been the home of "Education through Flying," and it continues to be a time-honored haven for homebuilders, antiquers, and everyone interested in sport and family aviation.

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Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology in Riverside, California

4130 Mennes Ave Hangar 8, Riverside, CA 92509, United States
(951) 338-6870

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