November 12, 2021

MIAT College of Technology in Canton, Michigan

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MIAT College of Technology has been preparing students for technical careers since 1969. Our Canton college campus is equipped with real-world equipment that you would find on the job, and it is only a half-hour drive from Detroit, Michigan.

Michigan is a hub for automotive and mobility manufacturing, as well as sophisticated manufacturing and technology engineering, design, and development. Michigan is also home to the aviation sector, with Detroit Metropolitan Airport, one of the largest U.S. air hubs in North America, and a number of aerospace businesses based in the state. MIAT offers the technical training programs required to succeed in these areas. MIAT College of Technology is where students go to acquire the hands-on technical instruction they need to prepare for a job.

Why Is Accreditation Necessary?

When you attend an accredited college, you are attending a school that has been subjected to a thorough evaluation of educational quality. It is not easy to gain or maintain accreditation. The laws and regulations are stringent and exact, with the goal of protecting pupils. Here are some of the advantages:

A dependable quality indicator
Study plan that has been approved
Instructors who are qualified
Employers throughout the country recognize you.
The Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges has accredited MIAT College of Technology (ACCSC)

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MIAT College of Technology in Canton, Michigan

2955 Haggerty Rd, Canton, MI 48188, United States
(800) 447-1310

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