November 16, 2021

Long Beach City College

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LBCC is a two-year community college with cutting-edge, technology-rich learning environments, a diverse range of academic and career technical instructional programs, strong community partnerships, and economic and workforce development initiatives that prepare students for success in the twenty-first century.

Long Beach City College, one of the state's 114 community colleges, is managed by the five-member, elected Long Beach Community College District Board of Trustees and serves the cities of Long Beach, Signal Hill, Lakewood, and Santa Catalina Island. It provides a wide range of associate degree and certificate programs that prepare students for transfer to four-year universities, job progression, and personal development.

LBCC's educational programs are housed in four schools and include Career and Technical Education, Language Arts and Communication, Social Sciences and the Arts, and Health, Science, and Mathematics.

The college, originally known as Long Beach Junior College, began at Woodrow Wilson High School until the 1933 earthquake damaged the structure. Classes were held outside in tents at adjacent Recreation Park until 1935, when the college relocated to its current Liberal Arts Campus at Carson Street and Clark Avenue.

The college created traditions that are still in place today, such as the mascot, Ole, and the team moniker, Vikings, from its inception. In the first year, a student newspaper, yearbook, social services, and intramural programs were established. Academic accomplishments included having a national model library and the state's best junior college debating team. During the 1928-29 academic year, the team won Southern California championships in wrestling, baseball, men's and women's swimming, and the state championship in men's basketball.

During and after WWII, the college expanded fast, and in 1949, the Pacific Coast Campus, originally Hamilton Junior High, was added. As expansion continued in the early 1970s, more extension campuses and satellite locations were constructed. Because of state law, the institution withdrew from the Long Beach Unified School District and became the independent Long Beach Community College District, with its own locally elected Board of Trustees.

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Enrollment guides for current and prospective LBCC students

Congratulations! And, once again, welcome to Long Beach City College. You've decided to attend one of California's top community colleges to further your education. Because it can be difficult to know where to begin, we have offered these how-to tutorials on the application process from beginning to end. Whether you are a first-year student, a returning student, or a veteran, these resources will walk you through the admissions process and get you on the proper track to your degree.


Campuses at LBCC are closed to students and the general public, and Student Services will not be handling business in-person until further notice. For other ways of service, please visit the LBCC Coronavirus COVID-19 website.

Financial Assistance

During the College's closure, the Financial Aid Office will provide restricted services. All aid payment processes will continue as usual, and you will receive any aid payments as scheduled.


Long Beach City College's Welcome Center is an excellent spot to begin your road to becoming an LBCC Viking! Whether you are a first-time student, a returning student, or a member of the community, the Welcome Center is a one-stop shop for general information and services to help you get connected to the LBCC community.



Graduates of the program meet the federal requirements for taking the FAA certification examinations. Applicants who pass these exams will be able to get Airframe and/or Powerplant (A&P) Mechanic Certificates. There are excellent job opportunities in general, corporate, military, and commercial aviation.



1. Demonstrate sufficient knowledge of airframe systems and components to maintain, inspect, check, diagnose, service, and repair them.
2. Demonstrate sufficient knowledge of Powerplant Systems and Components to maintain, inspect, examine, diagnose, service, and repair them.
3. Exhibit the ability to perform the manipulation abilities required for airframe repair operations.
4. Exhibit the ability to perform the manipulation abilities required for Powerplant maintenance operations.

CERTIFICATE OF ACHIEVEMENT AND FAA CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION: Students interested in obtaining the Certificate of Accomplishment must first meet the FAA Certificate of Completion requirements. These certificates are awarded following completion of a two-year curriculum at Long Beach City College that gives instruction in job skills and employment prospects. Applicants must finish the relevant units with a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0 ("C"), pass all FAA subject area tests with a passing score of 70%, and complete the requisite hours of instruction as stipulated in the approved curriculum. The certificate(s) application must be submitted during the last quarter of program course work. 50% or more of the unit requirements for this field of concentration must be fulfilled in residence. The Long Beach City College Aviation Maintenance Technician School does not give credit via examination.

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Long Beach City College

4901 E Carson St, Long Beach, CA 90808, United States
(562) 938-4111

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