December 3, 2021

Wayne Community College

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Technology of Aviation Systems

Make your future a reality by pursuing a career in Aviation Systems Technology! Learn the information and abilities required to obtain an aircraft mechanic's license with airframe and/or powerplant ratings, putting you on the path to a lucrative career in the aviation industry. Since 1969, this program has been approved by the Federal Aviation Administration under Part 147.

Aviation mathematics, FAA rules, fundamental electrical, aircraft drawings; aircraft structures, systems, and components; aircraft engines, theory, systems, and components; and engine inspections and maintenance are all part of the course material.

You should be able to do the following after finishing the Aviation System Technology program:

Understand topics relating to all facets of general aircraft maintenance.
Inspect, troubleshoot, and repair all airframe systems.
Inspect, troubleshoot, and repair all powerplant systems.
The average class size is 20-25 students.

Considerations: The demand for aviation technicians is significant and expected to expand substantially.

Program Prerequisites

Students must purchase tools and spend approximately $1,450 for FAA examinations. Call an Aviation Systems instructor at (919) 739-6806, 6823, or 6824 for pricing on the tools.


Airport fixed base operators, maintenance facilities, FAA repair stations, aircraft, engine, or component manufacturers, corporate aviation maintenance departments, airlines, aircraft service centers, and military and governmental aircraft maintenance facilities are all places to work.

Salary: For entry-level positions, pay ranges from $12.00 per hour to $24.00 per hour. Gulfstream American, General Electric Jet Engine, ACL, Jet Logistics, Progress Energy, NADEP Cherry Point, the North Carolina Department of Crime Control and Public Safety, and the North Carolina Forest Service are among the companies that have hired our graduates.

Costs of the Program

In-State vs. Out-of-State Tuition
$1,216.00 $4,288.00 TUITION ACTIVITY FEE 30.00 30.00 TECHNOLOGY FEE 16.00 16.00
$1262.00 $4,334.00
Tuition is $76.00 per semester hour for in-state students and $268.00 per semester hour for out-of-state students who take fewer than 16 semester hours. Students enrolled for six semester hours or more will be charged a $30 student activity fee and a $16 technology fee; students enrolled for less than six semester hours will be charged a $15 student activity fee and a $8 technology fee. During the Summer Term, there will be no student activity fees.

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Wayne Community College

3000 Wayne Memorial Dr, Goldsboro, NC 27534, United States
(919) 735-5151

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