November 15, 2021

University Of Alaska Fairbanks

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The University of Alaska Anchorage is a prestigious university located in the center of Alaska's main city and throughout the south-central area, where culture, creativity, and adventure collide. Approximately 12,000 students from across the United States and 89 countries are now following their ambitions at UAA. The exceptional location provides unrivaled access to significant industry connections, Arctic research, outdoor leisure courses, and other opportunities. Specialized academic programs enable a wide range of once-in-a-lifetime experiences, including revolutionary educational possibilities that have a beneficial impact on the surrounding communities and launch successful professions.


The diversity of our unique location in Southcentral Alaska, the ancestral territories of the Dena'ina, Ahtna Dene, Alutiiq/Sugpiaq, Chugachmiut, and Eyak peoples, is recognized and valued by UAA.

We value diverse experiences and perspectives, including differences in ideas, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnicity, race, culture, nationality, age, disability, veteran status, and socioeconomic status, and strive to create welcoming and inclusive learning environments in which everyone is treated with dignity.

At UAA, recognizing diversity is essential to achieving achievement. Diversity increases our capacity for creativity, innovation, educational success, and remarkable community service.

Values of International and Intercultural Cooperation

The University of Alaska Anchorage is dedicated to international and multicultural education. The following ideals were established in conjunction with teachers, students, and staff as part of UAA's involvement in the American Council on Education's (ACE) Internationalization Laboratory. These values inform the development of UAA's international and intercultural programs and services. UAA and its students hope to achieve the following goals:

Understand one's own culture(s) in the context of Alaska, the United States, and the world.

Apply knowledge and critical thinking to global and cultural concerns, trends, and systems, and solve problems using a variety of frames of reference.

Communicate and connect with people from various communities in order to broaden one's own access to information, experiences, and understanding.

Encourage the use of additional languages, particularly Alaska Native languages, as part of the UAA experience.

Increase your critical awareness and comprehension of cultural differences, similarities, and ambiguities.

Learn about careers from an Alaskan, a national, and a worldwide perspective.

Requirements for First-Year Students

  • Freshman candidates are current or recent high school graduates who have never attended college (or have earned less than 24 semester college credits at other institutions).
  • Bachelor of Arts Degree Programs
  • GED or high school diploma
  • A 2.5 GPA in high school is required.
  • Students with a 2.0-2.5 GPA may be admitted to select bachelor programs that require academic assistance.
  • Associate Degree/Certificate Programs
  • GED or high school diploma
  • There is no minimum GPA requirement.
  • Placement Exams and Test Scores

Standardized test scores are not utilized in admission decisions; rather, they are used to place students in math and writing courses at the appropriate level. The academic catalog contains more information about Placement Exams.

Please keep in mind that applicants who received college credit from a regionally accredited university while in high school must provide those transcripts (s). The transcript(s) will be examined by UAA for credit toward the applicant's degree.


Following the submission of the application, the required transcripts will be posted on the portal home page. Re-enter the Application Portal to review your prerequisites and admission status. More information can be found on the Transcripts page.


Most applicants finish the application in 15-30 minutes.

Create an account using your email address and a password.
Make a profile that includes basic identity and contact information.
Begin your application; choose a term, program, and academic history.
Sign, pay, and submit the application electronically.

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University Of Alaska Fairbanks

803 Alumni Dr, Fairbanks, AK 99775, United States
(907) 474-7700

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