December 7, 2021

Texas State Technical College in Harlingen

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Discover how to fly like an expert! Learn everything you can about planes and how they work. In our Aircraft Powerplant Technology program, you will acquire hands-on experience working on planes and optimizing their performance. Texas boasts the highest number of airplane mechanics in the country, and TSTC is the leader in aviation mechanical education. Train at our airport, which is the largest run by a university in the United States.

Ensure the Safety of Aircraft

In just four semesters, you can get your degree while also completing the FAA's (Federal Aviation Administration) required training. You will receive the hands-on training you need to succeed in your career with TSTC. To learn the skill, work with instructors who have years of experience in the aerospace sector. In just two semesters, you can double your work options by completing a degree in Aircraft Airframe Technology. Getting two degrees/certifications will boost your earning potential.

Specifics of the Program

You'll learn how to inspect, repair, and replace engine systems in order for planes to fly safely. You'll put your skills to the test with our fleet of planes and cutting-edge testing equipment. You'll be ready to work on a wide range of commercial and military aircraft.

Technology of Aircraft Frames

Allow your career to take off in the right location for you to put your skills to use: Texas. The Lone Star State is an ideal place to pursue an aviation career–Texas has the highest number of airplane mechanics in the country. Train at TSTC's cutting-edge facility, which is FAA-certified for the training of airplane maintenance technicians.

Making planes fly

After completing our hands-on curriculum, join TSTC graduates in large aviation companies such as American Eagle, The Spaceship Company (for Virgin Galactic), Southwest Airlines, Texas Aerospace, SpaceX, or L3Harris. Work for the Department of Defense, Homeland Security, or NASA as a government contractor.

You can get an Associate of Applied Science degree or a certification in aircraft Airframe Technology and/or Aircraft Powerplant Technology. If you have a history in aviation repair, you may be able to find work quickly.

Specifics of the Program

In our Aircraft Airframe Technology curriculum, you'll learn how to repair and maintain planes. Your training laboratory is not just any old laboratory. Your technical knowledge will be put to use in hangars full of planes near airports. That is receiving the essential on-the-job training. Earn more money in your career by obtaining both the industry-required Airframe (A) and Powerplant (P) certifications.

Technology in Avionics

Maintain the pace and concentration of your profession. Develop your knowledge of aviation electronics, which is vital for keeping planes moving and operational. Train at the largest airfield operated by any educational institution in the United States and acquire real-world experience with real planes. Our Career Services Department can assist you in pursuing a career in aviation because Texas is the nation's leading state for aviation jobs.

Instrumental comprehension

Avionics technicians are experts in the repair and maintenance of electronic instruments on planes such as radio communication devices and equipment, radar systems, and navigation aids. As digital technology becomes more common, more effort is expended in keeping a plane's computer systems in good working order. Graduates of TSTC's Avionics Technologies program are well-versed in the most recent aviation technologies.

Specifics of the Program

TSTC is the industry leader in mechanical aviation training. You'll learn how to repair and maintain onboard airplane electronics in our cutting-edge avionics labs. Hands-on training will teach you how to repair navigation and communications radios. You'll also learn how to repair digital audio systems, flight control computers, and aircraft autopilot systems. Your skills will keep planes in the air and your job afloat.

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Texas State Technical College in Harlingen

1902 N Loop 499, Harlingen, TX 78550, United States
(800) 852-8784

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