ALLAMT understands life happens. We offer 2 refund options:
Option 1: 75% refund if requested within 48 hours
Option 2: Rescheduling. You may request another class start date within one year.


ALLAMT’s students consistently pass their FAA AMT exams with above 90% on their first attempt!! We are proud to be in service this way-especially to our veterans who serve. ALLAMT distinguishes itself by providing our customers with an unlimited number of practice tests with instant feedback, but we cannot guarantee you will pass the exam on your first attempt. While ALLAMT would love to achieve 100% first attempt pass rate, we cannot account for a test takers lack of sleep, lack of proper nutrition or hydration, poor test taking skills, or “freezing up” on exams. For those who do not pass, again, ALLAMT will continue to work with and provide you with unlimited number of exams to prepare you!! We are in partnership with you whether you pass the first attempt or not! We don’t win unless you win!!

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