November 25, 2021

Southern University Shreveport Louisiana

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Southern University at Shreveport is dedicated to leaving an indelible mark in our city and beyond, from training our community's workforce to preparing students for four-year schools to leading the way in worldwide educational success and completion.

Center for Aerospace Technology

The Aerospace Technology Center is housed in two aircraft hangars at the Shreveport Downtown Airport, with classroom space in the main terminal building. The Aerospace Technology program's offices and training spaces are housed at the center.

Shreveport's Downtown Airport was the city's first commercial airport. In 1929, Delta Airlines began flying routes from Dallas, Texas to the airport. On July 14, 1931, the airport was formally opened.

After Shreveport Regional Airfield opened in the early 1950s, the Downtown Airport evolved into a general aviation airport supporting private pilots, businesses, and schools headquartered there. The Aerospace Technology Center is housed in the airport's initial hangar.

Maintenance of the Airframe and Powerplant

The curriculum is intended to attract students who want to learn about technology from a corporate perspective rather than a scientific one.

The maintenance technician keeps the aircraft in top working order by performing scheduled maintenance, repairs, and inspections as mandated by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Aerospace Technology Program students are expected to take aerospace technology courses on a continuing basis. Depending on when the student enters the program, the order of course development may differ. Special course scheduling may be required to ensure student training continuity between the academic and technical components. The program director must approve these schedules. Students who do not wish to pursue an Associate Degree may enroll in the Certificate program in order to prepare for the FAA license. The technical course requirements are the same as for the Degree, but academic courses (English, Speech, and so on) are not required. Course timing, like the degree curriculum, may change depending on student load and need.

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Southern University Shreveport Louisiana

3050 Dr Martin Luther King Dr, Shreveport, LA 71107, United States
(318) 670-6000

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