November 16, 2021

Southern Arkansas University

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Southern Arkansas University provides personalized campus tours, instructors and staff who care about student success, and a supportive campus environment. SAU also provides standard and one-of-a-kind academic degree programs that are nationally regarded for quality and affordability.

Students from Team Study are beaming. Berry 3021, Dr. SAU is a terrific place to call home and study a wide range of academic programs, including those that are unique to the state and region. It is nestled in a quiet and picturesque part of south Arkansas. In addition to providing a full college experience on campus, the University is close to outdoor activities and is proximal to numerous regional centers including as Texarkana, Shreveport, and Little Rock.

SAU, founded in 1909, has expanded on its commitment to student achievement and continues to grow, both on and off campus, with more than 80 degrees offered via four unique colleges and the School of Graduate Studies.


SAU develops new degree programs to meet the needs of changing career and professional trends. The most recent additions include an innovative new cybersecurity computer science degree, a one-of-a-kind Welding Engineering Technology SAU System curriculum, and a new Social Entrepreneurship track in the MBA program.

Arkansas' most affordable comprehensive Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in music theatre, which debuted in the fall of 2015, is also off to a singing start. SAU BFA students acquire 70 to 80 hours of hands-on experience in their field of study. SAU established the sole Arkansas engineering program south of Little Rock in the autumn of 2014. This program was developed with significant backing from regional industry, which means that prospective SAU engineering students will not only earn valuable internship opportunities, but will also have high-paying positions waiting for them following graduation. These new offerings follow the introduction of the Computer Game and Animation Design programs at SAU in the fall of 2013 – the first and most inexpensive comprehensive degree program of its kind in Arkansas. Entrepreneurship and the lucrative Supply Chain Management programs have been added to the Rankin College of Business.

Even as additional programs are offered, SAU maintains a high 17-to-1 student-teacher ratio, which allows students to receive customized attention while not feeling like just another face in the crowd.

The School of Graduate Studies at SAU shapes advanced course work to increase possibilities and expand careers in response to the hectic lives of those who have previously earned bachelor's degrees. Many SAU master's degrees, including the popular Master of Business Administration, Master of Arts in Teaching, and Master of Science in Computer and Information Science, can be done wholly online or with a blend of in-class experience and online convenience.


Southern Arkansas University is a one-of-a-kind, all-inclusive liberal arts university located in the heart of southern Arkansas. SAU, founded in 1909, has built on a basis related to the region's agricultural past and continues to flourish while expanding its tradition of success into more than 80 degrees in four disciplines.

separate universities The University is dedicated to delivering the greatest resources, programs, services, and opportunities, as well as qualified academics who are committed to assisting their students in achieving their educational and professional goals.

Mission Proclamation

Southern Arkansas University's objective is to prepare students for productive and meaningful lives in a global world by providing opportunities for intellectual advancement, individual development, and service.

The University believes in the worth of the individual and accepts responsibility for instilling in its students the values and competencies required for productive citizenship in a democratic society.

Furthermore, the University encourages and supports excellence in teaching, research, and service.


As vocational and professional trends shift, the colleges of business, liberal and performing arts, education, and science and technology adapt and launch new degree programs to meet those requirements. SAU created a program to suit the growing demand for digital cinema. The cutting-edge program includes high-definition video cameras as well as cutting-edge audio- and video-editing software.

Even as additional programs are offered, SAU maintains a high 17-to-1 student-teacher ratio, allowing students to get customized attention without feeling like just another face in a throng. Students at SAU come to value the personalised guidance and enhanced learning experience that ensures their success in the classrooms and in their future employment.

The School of Graduate Studies at SAU shapes advanced course work to increase possibilities and further careers in response to the hectic lives of those who have previously earned bachelor degrees. The School of Graduate Studies, the next level in higher education, offers numerous master's degrees that can be completed totally online or customized with a combination of in-class experience and online convenience.

Life on Campus

Outside of the classroom, the options are as numerous and diverse as the degree programs. Students at SAU can discover a niche to match any interest through one of more than 60 student organizations. SAU even provides students with the unique experience of living with individuals who share similar interests through the Residential Interest Group program. Another popular housing choice at SAU is the University Village. A community clubhouse and swimming pool are part of the fully furnished on-campus apartment complex.

Throughout the year, SAU provides professional entertainment, concerts, plays, movies, lectures, workshops, and intramural sports to round out the whole college experience.

SAU is a competitive member of the NCAA Division II and a member of the new Great American Conference for die-hard sports enthusiasts and athletes. Baseball, basketball, cross country, football, and golf are among the sports in which men compete. Volleyball, basketball, cross country, softball, and golf are all sports in which women compete. SAU established a sports fishing team to its list of extracurricular competitive sports in 2012. The SAU Rodeo Team competes at the national level and consistently places high in regional and national intercollegiate tournaments.


SAU continues to expand as it builds on a solid base. The Agriculture Center, which cost roughly $8 million, is the newest addition to the 1,400-acre site. The 30,557-square-foot facility includes classrooms and labs outfitted with cutting-edge technology to prepare students for professions in the ever-changing agriculture business. The Agriculture Center joins the University Hall Learning Community, Story Rodeo Arena, the 60,000-square-foot Science Center, Mulerider Activity Center, Donald W. Reynolds Campus and Community Center, Walker Stadium, Ribble Weight Training Center, new softball field, and the Donald W. Reynolds Campus and Community Center.

Wharton Nursing Building extension of 10,027 square feet- these are just a few of the completed improvements that give superior space for exceptional academic instruction, socializing, and athletics.

The Bruce Center is a multi-purpose building that caters to students', faculty's, and staff's social and professional needs. The food court, the University Club, and the Mulerider Sports Club are all housed in this structure. The Mulerider Sports Club has eight big screen TVs with sports channels, laptops for surfing the internet, pool tables, foosball, dominoes, cards, and other games.

The library is the academic heart of any university, and the Magale Library facility keeps SAU's academic pulse humming. The Magale Library has about 152,000 books, 75 databases, and over 12,000 full-text periodicals. In addition, the Magale Library offers multiple computer labs for student use, study rooms, laptops to borrow for use in the library, and interlibrary loans.

Financial Assistance

The Office of Financial Aid can help most students discover financial aid for their education. SAU also provides a number of scholarship options. The Presidential Scholarship, the Foundation Scholarship, the Alumni Scholarship, the Community College Scholarship, the Achievement Award, and the Leadership Award are all academic scholarships. Art, band, choir, and theater performance grants are available. Athletic and rodeo scholarships are also offered. It is now time to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The deadline for submitting financial aid priority applications is June 1.

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Southern Arkansas University

6415 Spellman Rd, East Camden, AR 71701, United States
(870) 574-4500

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