November 25, 2021

School Of Missionary Aviation Technology

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At the School of Missionary Aviation Technology [SMAT], we provide FAA-certified instruction in aircraft maintenance and flight to mission-driven students. SMAT provides a professional, certified program in a pleasant and welcoming environment. Students benefit from small class numbers, which allow them to form strong, long-lasting relationships with their instructors and classmates.

Programs for Aviation Training

We offer Christ-centered, results-oriented training in aircraft flight, maintenance, and allied technical fields. Students gain hands-on experience in both the laboratory and the field.

Post-Graduate Opportunities in Flight Training, Maintenance Training, and CFI-A Course

Flight Training

Several factors distinguish us from other aviation schools, including:

Atmosphere Is Intimate

We keep class sizes modest in order to provide a tight, intimate environment.

Missions Concentration

We are experts in preparing students for missionary aviation work.

One-Year Programs That Are One-Of-A-Kind

We have one of the few A&P programs that can be completed in a year.


All instructors are fully qualified to deliver FAA-compliant education.


Our students benefit from a decreased cost of living due to our location in West Michigan.

Our Aviation Education Programs

Program for Flight Training

Flight training is available to individuals who want to prepare for a career in missionary aviation or who want to improve their skills. Cessna planes are utilized for both beginner and advanced pilot instruction. Candidates scheduled for a mission evaluation have the opportunity to improve their flying skills by flying with instructors who understand mission agency criteria.

Program for Maintenance Training (A&P)

Students interested in aircraft repair can take a 12-month complete study in Airframe and Powerplant (A&P) Mechanics. The FAA-approved program includes instruction and preparation for the FAA written, oral, and practical mechanics examinations.

Placement for Graduate Students

Graduates of our programs may be given the opportunity to put their newly acquired abilities to use in a controlled training environment. A limited number of our students are placed at SMAT's maintenance facility to help them gain confidence through real-world aircraft repair experiences.

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School Of Missionary Aviation Technology

84 E Sprague Rd, Ionia, MI 48846, United States
(616) 527-4160

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