November 19, 2021

San Jose State University

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Aviation BS programs prepare you for employment in professional flying, airport operations and management, maintenance management, airline operations, general management, and air traffic control management.

Flight Operations Aviation Management Technology Professional Flight Maintenance Management

The BS Industrial Technology Program prepares students for technical management professions in business, industry, and government, where they will work with high-tech computer network systems and create and operate manufacturing systems.

Computer Electronics and Networking

Manufacturing Systems, Green Manufacturing, Computer Network System Management

The MS Quality Assurance Program trains professionals in technical, management, and communication skills for a variety of careers in business, industry, and government.


Maintenance Management Operations Professional Flight Aviation Management Maintenance Management Operations Professional Flight

Primary Learning Objectives

Apply current knowledge and adapt to new aviation applications.

Work efficiently in groups.

Effective communication is essential.

Recognize the role and procedures involved in team development, dynamics, and management.

Learn about the characteristics and conduct of an aviation professional, as well as career planning and certification.

As it relates to the student's professional aspirations, demonstrate an understanding of aircraft design, performance, operational characteristics, and maintenance.

Examine the function and rules pertaining to aviation safety.

Describe the legal and labor difficulties that arise in domestic and international aviation.

Explain meteorological and environmental issues in relation to aviation.

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San Jose State University

1 Washington Sq, San Jose, CA 95192, United States
(408) 924-1000

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