November 25, 2021

Saint Louis University

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Parks College Information

It may be the satellite we launch that leads to more efficient spacecraft, the robotic technology we build that makes surgery less intrusive, the infrastructure we construct to deliver clean water, or the next generation of pilots we train to lead aviation into the future.

We are the makers, the problem solvers, and the doers.

The Parks College of Engineering, Aviation, and Technology produces technically competent and socially responsible engineering and aviation innovators. We train you to be a practitioner, a leader, and a thinker capable of changing the world.

Flight Training

Parks College of Engineering, Aviation, and Technology prepares students to be expert pilots as well as industry leaders. Students enrolling in SLU's Parks College aviation program can fly within weeks of their freshman year and continue to get certification throughout the flight science degree program.

Requirements for an FAA Medical Certificate for Flight Training

All Saint Louis University flight students are required to have a current Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) medical certificate. Before you can enroll in any flight training courses, you must show proof of a current first or second-class medical certificate. A medical certificate is deemed current if it was issued within the previous 12 calendar months of the start of flight training.

You will not be able to enroll in any flight training course offered by Saint Louis University unless you have a current FAA 2nd-class or 1st-class medical certificate.

Transportation and Location

Our Aviation Science Center is located at the St. Louis Downtown Airport, 4300 Vector Drive in Cahokia, Illinois, and may be reached at 314-977-9569.

During the fall and spring semesters, university transportation between campus and the Center for Aviation Science is offered for aviation students.

The Parks Shuttle runs every hour from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. The Parks Shuttle pick-up and drop-off locations are Grand Hall on the Saint Louis University campus and the Center for Aviation Science at St. Louis Downtown Airport.

SLU Ride provides additional transportation during off-hours and on weekends. Students must request a ride using the TapRide app (which may be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play) during operating hours.

The Department of Public Safety can provide safety escorts outside of SLU Ride and Parks Shuttle hours. Call 314-977-3000 to request a safety escort.

Envoy Airlines

SLU inked a partnership agreement for the Pilot Pipeline Program with Envoy Air, a subsidiary of the American Airlines Group. After completing the aviation science curriculum and obtaining flight certifications and ratings, students will be guaranteed an interview with Envoy (CFI, CFII and MEI).

Republic Airlines

SLU has also entered into an Aviation Career Pipeline Interview arrangement with Republic Airways, which guarantees participating SLU students an interview with the airline upon completion of the degree program.

Mesa Airlines

Mesa Airlines also picked SLU to be a partner in Mesa's First Officer Cadet Pipeline University Program. At the end of their basic training, Mesa pilots get an Airline Transport Pilot type rating. After completing the First Officer Cadet Pipeline University Program, graduates are eligible to enroll in United Airlines' Career Path Program (CCP). The CCP is intended to provide eligible present and prospective United Express pilots at Mesa with a direct path to the flight deck of United Airlines. The CCP will aid in both attracting talented employees to staff Mesa's expanding fleet and retaining existing pilots seeking advancement to a major airline.

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