November 12, 2021

Pittsburgh Institute of Aeronautics in Hagerstown, Maryland

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ACCSC has recognized PIA's Hagerstown Branch Campus, which opened in 2011, as a "School of Excellence" in 2019. The campus is the only FAA-certified source of airframe and powerplant training in Maryland. PIA established the aircraft maintenance technician school in collaboration with the Hagerstown Airport Authority and at the request of the Governor's Workforce Investment Board to help meet the workforce demands of both Maryland and the rest of the country.

The facility includes modern classrooms, a student resource center with a computer lab and a publications library, and specialized shop areas designed to provide the best training environment for aircraft propulsion systems, electricity, sheet metal, hydraulics, instruments & controls, composite materials, non-destructive testing, welding, and painting, among other things.

The site is located just south of the Mason Dixon border between Maryland and Pennsylvania, beside the Hagerstown Regional Airport.

Students' Housing

'Where am I going to live because you don't have residence halls?' is one of the most common queries I hear in Admissions. Or 'Where will my son/daughter be staying for school, and is it safe?' When I went off to college, it was somewhat simple because I stayed in a resident hall, but it was also extremely expensive, and my parents and I had no say over who I lived with. While attending PIA isn't nearly as simple as attending a school with a resident hall, you can attempt to find a place that fits within your budget.

To help with this search, PIA provides a list of properties that have previously been utilized by PIA students, as well as numerous new postings. PIA does not promote or guarantee any of the items on this list. Furthermore, when searching on one's own, the Internet can be a valuable tool. The student and the property management or owner make all arrangements. PIA IS NOT INVOLVED IN ANY WAY IN THESE AGREEMENTS.

Accreditation and Approvals

Accredited by the Accrediting Commission for Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC) and approved by the Federal Aviation Administration (I4PT091K).
The United States Department of Education has approved it.
The Maryland Higher Education Commission has approved this program (MHEC)
Approved for Veteran Education

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Pittsburgh Institute of Aeronautics in Hagerstown, Maryland

14516 Pennsylvania Ave, Hagerstown, MD 21742, United States
(240) 347-4805

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