December 7, 2021

Northrop Rice Aviation Training Solutions

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Northrop Rice Aviation Training Solutions is a company that provides aviation training services.

Northrop Rice Training Solutions, situated in Houston, Texas, continues the Rice family history by providing training and management services to the aviation sector.

President Cathy Landry has over 35 years of expertise, including many years with the family firm (Northrop Rice USA).

Northrop Rice USA Inc. ran FAA-certified Part 147 A&P training schools around the United States, including Rice Aviation in Houston.

The family business served as the technology provider on an international aviation training project with the Malaysian government, supervising the acquisition of equipment, instructor training, and the development of over 4000 hours of curriculum in aviation maintenance, manufacturing, avionics, composites, and technical management.

Northrop Rice Training Solutions, with over 40 years of aviation training experience and expertise in classroom, practical, and online learning methodologies, can assist with developing and delivering efficient and effective training that builds and certifies employee competence.

Our principal clients are MROs or Repair Stations that have asked our assistance with the certification process, training program development, courseware development, training design, and/or instruction. Our distinct competence is in the creation of specialized courses, classroom instruction, and structured on-the-job training (SOJT) methods.

Northrop Rice has built a team of contract instructors and curriculum developers to supplement its training and development services. In Houston, we have a training facility at Ellington Airport. Our classes are available at our facility or at the location of our customers.

Classroom Instruction in Aviation

Building a robust training program yields a high return on investment by ensuring a safe work environment and improving the quality of work completed at your facility. Give your organization a competitive advantage by using the expertise of your professional and knowledgeable employees.

Our facility has one classroom that can accommodate up to 20 students and a shop space that can accommodate up to 12 students.

We have the following courses available: 


This area of research focuses on the human factors that can impact the safety and efficiency of maintenance operations. 1 day in the classroom.


This course will teach you how to create and implement a systematic OJT program, including task checklists and instructor qualifications. Classroom for two days.


This course covers the regulations' requirements, the research process, the inspection of arriving parts, and documentation utilizing Forms 337 and 8130-3. This course is approved by the FAA for IA renewal credit. 1 day in the classroom.


This course covers the regulations, advisory circulars, and inspection areas that must be followed when conducting an internal audit of a repair station. Classroom for two days.


Prepare for the FAA written exam for the Inspection Authorization rating. The instructor teaches students how to conduct research and identify solutions to IA problems. 3 days in the classroom.


This course focuses on adult learning, identifying training requirements, and developing courses. Classroom for 2-3 days.


This course explains how to use successful OJT training tools and the essential requirements for becoming an effective OJT trainer. Classroom, 1-2 days.


This preparatory course is a theory and practical exercise-based study designed to prepare airplane mechanics for FAA testing standards. This course is tailored to the students' needs, using online theory, classroom theory, and practical skills training.

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Northrop Rice Aviation Training Solutions

12502 Brantly Ave, Houston, TX 77034, United States
(713) 644-6616

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