December 7, 2021

North Central Institute

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Aviation Maintenance Technology

Since Charles Taylor, the first aircraft mechanic, assisted in the design, construction, and maintenance of the engine for the Wright Brothers' Flyer in 1903, aviation maintenance has been a lively employment field. Aircraft maintenance will continue to evolve in the present and in the future. New designs and materials in aircraft construction, as well as the interface between complex space-age systems such as navigational aides, fly-by-wire, flight controls, and electronic fuel controls, as well as advancements in time-tested systems such as hydraulics and propellers, all contribute to the mystique of flight.

NCI provides educational programs that include both the theoretical and practical skills needed to excel in today's ever-changing, fascinating, and increasing aviation sector.

The FAA regulation, 14 CFR Part 147, specifies the education and skill criteria that must be met before testing for General, Airframe, and Powerplant certification.

NCI has two Aviation Maintenance programs to choose from:

Aviation Maintenance Technician (AMT 147) - 147 Program: Designed for people with no previous experience.

Please click here for a list of courses.

The Federal Aviation Administration has approved and mandated North Central Institute's (AMT) 147 Program (FAA).

Aviation Maintenance Technology (AMT 65) - 65 Program: For those with expertise meeting the standards of 14 CFR Part 65.

For additional information, please contact our Admissions department.

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For funding or financial advice for your program, contact the Financial Aid Department.

For academic advising or program completion, please contact the Registrar.

For initial program counseling for students and service members, including disability counseling to aid with program completion and job search activities, contact the Admissions Department.

North Central Institute has qualified test proctors on hand to give FAA written tests, as well as Designated Mechanic Examiners (DMEs) available by appointment only. There's no need to travel.

Part 147 – Aviation Maintenance Technician Aviation Maintenance Technician Program

17-month certificate

The Aviation Maintenance Technician (AMT 147) Program teaches knowledge and skills to students aspiring to be aircraft technicians or to advance their careers in aviation and associated industries.

The emphasis is on theory, concepts, and hands-on skills required for aircraft repair and keeping them airworthy. If FAA certification is required, students are eligible to take the corresponding FAA tests at various benchmarks during the program. For full-time Day students, the Program lasts roughly 17 months, while for full-time Night students, the Program lasts approximately 34 months.

The program consists of 56 SH:

  • 12 SH (420 instructional hours) in total, divided into 12 courses.
  • Airframe - 22 SH (770 instructional hours) divided into 22 courses
  • Powerplant - 22 SH (770 instructional hours) divided over 22 courses

The Aviation Maintenance Technician program is made up of roughly 40% lecture and 60% lab and hands-on training. This publication contains a list of all courses in this program. Credit transfer from one NCI program to another is permitted based on course and program eligibility. It is an integrated aspect of education to guarantee that each program addresses job-related health, safety, and fire prevention.


Although students can be hired in the aviation profession without extra credentials after completing the degree, most employers prefer that students earn the Federal Aviation Administration certification. A student must accomplish the following tasks in order to receive their certification:

  • Completing the hours and curriculum of an FAA 147 certified program
  • Complete the written exams for General, Airframe, and/or Powerplant. (Depending on FAA certification; for example, airframe, powerplant, or both)
  • Complete the FAA-approved Designated Mechanic Examiner's Oral and Practical Exam (DME).
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