December 3, 2021

Miami Valley Career Technology Center

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Learn how to service, repair, and overhaul aircraft, aircraft parts, and engines to guarantee safe and dependable performance in the Aviation Maintenance Technician program. The Aviation Maintenance Program's goals are to give students with the information and excellent work ethic required in today's industry. Collaborate with industry and the FAA to develop a well-rounded aviation technician. Instill safety, ethics, decent work practices, and punctuality.
MVCTC collaborates with PSA Airlines, an American Airlines wholly-owned subsidiary, to provide the most valuable path for interested students to move from the classroom to PSA's aviation maintenance hangars.


MVCTC's cooperation with Delta Airlines gives students with access to Delta equipment for instruction while also broadening students' access to Aviation Maintenance Technician (AMT) employment accessible in the worldwide aviation industry. Eastern New Mexico University and Sinclair Community College are offering Articulated Credit as a College Opportunity.

Opportunity for an ODE-Approved, Industry-Recognized Credential

  • The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requires 1900 hours to complete the Airframe Mechanic and Power Plant certifications.

What would I discover?

  • Structure and Design of Aircraft
  • Airframe Systems for Aviation
  • Power Plant Systems for Aviation
  • Theory and Maintenance of Aviation Power Plants

MVCTC is a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certified school as well as a certified testing center for the Airframe (the complete aircraft except the engine) and the Powerplant (the engine and propellers). The FAA inspects the program on a regular basis to ensure compliance with all requirements. This ensures that the learner receives a high-quality education.

Students who complete the Aviation Maintenance Technician program may be eligible for college credit at Sinclair Community College and Eastern New Mexico University (ENMU). Graduates of the program have the option of continuing their study at Sinclair in the Professional Pilot program or the Aerospace Engineering discipline. MVCTC students enrolled in this program can attend four online courses thanks to an arrangement with ENMU. Students get their Associates Degree from ENMU as well as FAA certification after finishing the classes before graduating from MVCTC!

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Miami Valley Career Technology Center

6801 Hoke Rd, Clayton, OH 45315, United States
(937) 854-6297

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