November 25, 2021

Lansing Community College

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Lansing Community College is one of Michigan's largest community colleges, serving over 23,000 students each year. It provides over 200 associate degree and certificate programs, as well as professional and workforce development and personal enrichment opportunities. Since its inception in 1957, the institution has expanded from its original campus in downtown Lansing to facilities in Delta Township, East Lansing, Mason, and Livingston County. LCC is frequently ranked as one of Michigan's best community colleges, and students benefit from excellent education, gorgeous buildings, cutting-edge technology, and comprehensive support services.

Aviation Technology

Before enrolling in any aviation courses, any student interested in the Aviation Technology Program must speak with the Program Administration. To arrange an appointment, please complete the get started form.

The Federal Aviation Administration has accredited Lansing Community College's Aviation Technology curriculum.


Three easy steps to success! Our training regimen consists of 5.5 hours of training per day, five days a week. You'll be learning something new every day! At our new Aviation Technology Center, located just south of Lansing in Mason, MI, training takes place in classrooms, labs, and in real-world settings.


  1. Become Trained

Our students become airplane maintenance and repair experts in 24 months or less. You will be well-versed in working with large and small planes, reciprocating and turbine engines, classic aircraft construction, and innovative composite materials as a result of our hands-on, real-world training in Basic Aviation, Airframe Maintenance, and Powerplant Maintenance.

  1. Obtain Certification

After finishing our program, you will be ready to take the next step in your aircraft repair career and obtain your FAA license. All FAA examinations are passed by our graduates.

  1. Find a Job!

Aircraft Maintenance Technician employment is increasing, and technicians with an Airframe and Powerplant certificate are in high demand throughout the sector. Our Employment Referral Program assists recent graduates in finding the ideal job straight immediately. Many of our students are hired before they finish the program.

You are capable of more! You will receive three certificates upon completion of training: Airframe Maintenance, Powerplant Maintenance, and Basic Aviation Technologies. You can get two associate degrees in the discipline by taking just five courses during or after training.

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Lansing Community College

409 N Washington Square, Lansing, MI 48933, United States
(517) 483-1957

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