November 24, 2021

International Aero Academy

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Our Multi-Engine Rating program at International Aero Academy will train you to fly multi-engine aircraft. Our students understand the aerodynamic differences between single-engine and multi-engine aircraft and train to exceed FAA standards in our comprehensive course.

Immersive learning occurs in one of our multi-engine planes, resulting in a more precise education in the distinctions between single and multi-engine operations, such as determining the crucial engine and finding the influence that two engines have on drag. This detailed, accurate technique prepares our pupils for their multi-engine rating test, which differs from previous ratings tests.

Rating Programs for Multiple Engines

Wet duel multi-engine rental $383/hr

Call for a price on a private VFR multi-engine flight.

Call for a quotation on a private IFR multi-engine aircraft.

Call for a quote on the Commercial IFR Multi-Engine Add-On (current IFR required).

Initial Commercial IFR Multi-Engine (Current IFR necessary)

When they are ready, students take a 100 percent oral exam with no written components. This is why International Aero Academy takes such an in-depth and hands-on approach to teaching multi-engine aircraft operating to our students.

On multi-engine systems, we give the necessary study materials and documentation.

We can provide access to a multi-engine aircraft if you are interested in acquiring your multi-engine certification but do not have access to one. We are able to instruct you in your own multi-engine aircraft if you have one. Please email us or call us at 863-401-3592 if you require access to a multi-engine aircraft or further information about training with your own.

Program for Private Pilot Licensure

With our Accelerated Pilot Program, you can get your PPL in as little as two weeks.

Inclusive Private-to-Commercial Program

Our all-inclusive programs will take you from your PPL to your Commercial Pilot License if you want to pursue a career as a professional airline pilot. There's a multi-engine add-on available.

Program for Rating Instruments

Adding an instrument rating to your private pilot license will help you improve your flying abilities.

Program for Multi-Engine Ratings

Change from single-engine to multi-engine aircraft. Our training will teach you the distinctions in how they operate in terms of aerodynamics.

Complete Training Program

We will tailor a program to your goals and schedule, whether you are continuing pilot training from where you left off or transferring from another flying school.

Ratings for Flight Instructors

Do you want to be a flight instructor? We provide a comprehensive three-week program that will thoroughly educate you to become a successful, professional flight instructor. All graduates will be able to work for International Aero Academy and earn industry-leading salary. If you want to become a Certified Flight Instructor, please contact us.

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International Aero Academy

3131 Flightline Dr #315, Lakeland, FL 33811, United States
(863) 401-3592

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Use Coupon Code "200OFF" to get $200 off All AMT's test prep course online!

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