December 7, 2021

Hallmark University

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Since its inception in 1969, Hallmark University has been training Aircraft Technicians. Hallmark has been the #1 producer in Texas* of aeronautics graduates passing FAA examinations, demonstrating their dedication to developing the future generation of aviation technicians.

The Aeronautics Campus is located on the grounds of the San Antonio International Airport. Students acquire their Airframe and Powerplant license by working in real hangars on real jet engines.


The FAA requires persons to attend a recognized educational institution or gain a specific amount of on-the-job experience before taking the required examinations for licensure to become an Aircraft Maintenance Technician. Hallmark University is an FAA-approved aviation maintenance school that can train students on a variety of aircraft and aviation structures. Students who complete one of our programs are eligible to take the necessary FAA exams and become licensed airplane technicians.


Three new aircraft arrived at the College of Aeronautics in 2020, each bringing with them a notable first for the college. The college's first supersonic jet arrived in February, the first helicopter in June, and the first twin-engine, turbo-propeller plane in September.

Join our Dean of Aeronautics, Kurt Leslie, as he shows off these aircraft, which will be used by students around the world to learn how to repair and maintain jets, planes, and helicopters!


Donations and grants totaling approximately $150,000 have supported the College of Aeronautics in acquiring a variety of modern engines, tools, and technologies for the Aircraft Technician program. A Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) award matched over $75,000 in Askew Family Trust gifts, substantially tripling chances to improve the classroom experience.

The acquisition of new training equipment as well as ten Continental O-470 airplane engines expands the hands-on training students receive in the classroom. The College of Aeronautics strengthens its capabilities in training students while meeting the FAA's repair, maintenance, and overhaul education standards by constantly obtaining new instructional aids.

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Hallmark University

8901 Wetmore Rd, San Antonio, TX 78216, United States
(210) 690-9000

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