December 3, 2021

Great Oaks Career Campuses

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It is your responsibility as an aircraft technician to ensure that every flight is safe and successful. Consider the Aviation Maintenance Technician program if planes are your passion and you are precise and mechanically inclined.

LEARN: Forms and records for ground operation, servicing, and maintenance.
Landing gear on an airframe, as well as hydraulic and pneumatic systems
Communication, navigation, and cabin environment control systems are all included.
Inspected the airframe.
Instrument, fuel, position, and warning systems for aircraft.
Structures, materials, and methods, as well as assembly and rigging, are all covered.
Fittings and fluid lines

Aviation Maintenance Technician

Students apply their knowledge of aviation theory and navigation to flight performance and planning in this first course.

Students will apply simple machine and fluid mechanics principles to airplane operations. The identification of aircraft engines and related systems will be stressed. To interpret weather-briefing materials, weather theories and concepts are used. Students will also be able to differentiate between airport surroundings and understand airport-related laws, regulations, and instructions.

Aviation Ground Support

Knowledge of aircraft ground handling safety measures will be applied to aviation repair by students. Students will launch, land, service, and secure aircraft. Students will undertake aircraft maintenance, which will include detecting, identifying, removing, and treating various types of corrosion found on ferrous and nonferrous metals. Furthermore, students will learn how to clean aircraft and aviation components. The course curriculum also emphasizes the development of communication, leadership, human relations, and employability skills, as well as safe and efficient workplace practices.

Airframe in Aviation

Airframes and external components of aircraft will be inspected, repaired, and refinished by students. Students will learn how to rig rotary and fixed-wing aircraft, as well as evaluate and repair sheet metal and nonmetallic structures. Students will use welding methods, rivets, and fasteners to form, lay out, bend, and assemble metal airframe components. Students will inspect, repair, and assemble components made of wood, metal, aluminum, fiberglass, and composites. External finishes will be inspected and repaired by students, including surface preparation and refinishing.

Electrical Systems in Airplanes

Students will master the fundamentals of avionics as well as the actual application of AC/DC electrical circuits, with a focus on airborne installations. Students will learn how to calculate power as well as the link between voltage, current, and resistance. Instrument, communication, and navigation systems will be inspected, repaired, and installed by students. Students will also examine and service airframe electrical systems such as position, warning, hazard control, and ignition systems.

Under the Career-Technical Assurance Guide, these courses are qualified for college credit (CTAG.)

• Federal Aviation Administration Airframe Mechanic License • OSHA 10 –General Industry • CPR/First Aid INSTRUCTORS • Scott Pembleton, Laurel Oaks –

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Great Oaks Career Campuses

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