November 16, 2021

Cochise College

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Cochise College is a public, two-year university that serves Cochise County citizens from two campuses and four locations located throughout Southern Arizona with panoramic vistas of five different mountain ranges. Graduates can transfer to any of Arizona's three four-year universities! Cochise also offers more than 50 workforce development and certificate programs that lead to immediate industry employment or career promotion.

Cochise College has received national recognition for its low cost, good return on investment, and high success rate.

Students at Cochise study about courses in small classes with individualized attention from instructors with real-world experience.

Cochise College graduates can transfer to any of Arizona's three four-year colleges. Students can also secure transfer credits due to articulation arrangements with several out-of-state universities.

Cochise College has also established strong working relationships with local and national businesses in order to provide co-op and internship opportunities in health care, government agencies, industrial enterprises, and other local groups.


You've decided to further your education, and we're thrilled you've selected us! Applying for admission is the first step in your academic journey.

The Cochise College Admissions and Registration office is located on the first level of the Sierra Vista Campus's Student Union, Building 1000, and on the Douglas Campus's Student Services Building, 1000. Students can also apply for classes and register for them online.

Why choose FlyCochise?

Air travel, whether for business or pleasure, is here to stay. You may join the FlyCochise team and assist travellers in reaching their destinations securely. Cochise College's aviation curriculum will prepare you for a stable, well-paying employment. Pilots are in high demand in aviation organizations throughout the United States and around the world.

Our aviation curriculum is well-known and respected throughout the industry. We have placed FlyCochise graduates with all of the major commercial airlines, the Federal Aviation Administration, the U.S. Border Patrol and U.S. Customs, air freight services, and corporate aviation organizations throughout our more than 50 years of aviation training.

Reasons to select FlyCochise:

Spend less money! Cochise's tuition and fees are more than 20% less than those of other flight schools. With a paid meal plan, on-campus living is free!
Spend less time commuting and more time flying! Classrooms and an airfield are located on site, across from the living halls.
Make money faster! After earning their flight instructor certificate, students can advance to become cadet instructors, where they will work for Cochise College while continuing to log flight hours in order to earn more certificates that will lead to careers with regional airlines. More information can be found on the Pilot Pathways website.

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Cochise College

4190 AZ-80, Douglas, AZ 85607, United States

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