November 24, 2021

Clayton College And State University

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Students' aspirations come true at Clayton State University through hands-on classes, internships, and real-world experiences. Students come to Clayton State in suburban Atlanta from over 34 states and 32 countries for:

  • individual attention
  • class sizes are small
  • low-cost career preparation
  • excellent faculty active campus life

The campus, with its 214 acres of park-like beauty and an inclusive and welcoming community of students, instructors, and staff, feels like a second home.


You're on the verge of realizing a lifelong ambition. This is where everything begins, whether you have it already or can't quite see it yet. As a member of the Clayton State family, you will begin molding, defining, and refining your dream until it becomes the reality you experience every day. You will not be alone!

Everyone at Clayton State, from your peers to academics to advisers and other campus staff members, is part of a time-honored tradition of supporting dreams. You can rely on us to guide you every step of the way, no matter where you are in your academic career—undergraduate or graduate.

Certificates, Majors, and Degrees

Your program of study will be the starting point for you to realize your dream. It is here that you will learn lifelong skills and specific information. It is where you will build the connections and friendships that will help you both during your time at Clayton State and after you graduate, when you enter the workforce or advance your career.

All of this will be accomplished in small classes with instructors who will both challenge and guide you. Experiential learning and advanced facilities will help your academic and professional development, preparing you to take your ambition and make it a reality in the real world.

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Clayton College And State University

2000 Clayton State Blvd, Morrow, GA 30260, United States
(678) 466-4000

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