December 7, 2021

Big Bend Community College

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BBCC has a long and illustrious history of offering a strong foundation for students interested in aviation education and training. BBCC's Aviation Maintenance Technology curriculum is designed to prepare students for FAA airframe and power plant maintenance certification as well as employment in the aviation maintenance field. Courses offers structured competency-based curriculum delivered by industry experienced instructors to serious and motivated students. Maintenance, service, inspection, repair, and overhaul of aircraft airframes, power plants, and related systems and components connected with general and commercial aviation are covered in detail.

The Aviation Maintenance Technology program is a two-year curriculum in which students must complete at least 400 hours of classroom and laboratory instruction in the general component of the program, 750 hours in the airframe area, and 750 hours in the power plant section. For full-time students, the class schedule is Monday through Thursday from 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.; part-time students' hours may vary.

Big Bend's AMT instructors have diverse aviation backgrounds and have worked in a variety of capacities. Their education and experience in roles such as FAA mechanics examiner, FAA inspection authorization, and commercial airline maintenance have equipped them with the knowledge and abilities to help you become the best you can be. All training takes place in a big, recently refurbished hangar with multiple planes and a range of engines, including turbines and jets.

The Washington State Aeronautics Commission and the Federal Aviation Administration have both authorized the BBCC Aviation Maintenance Technology program. Students who finish the AMT program successfully will be entitled to take the FAA written tests for certified aircraft maintenance technician, as well as the oral and practical tests, all of which can be taken at Big Bend Community College.

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Big Bend Community College

7662 Chanute St NE, Moses Lake, WA 98837, United States
(509) 793-2222

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