November 24, 2021

Atlanta Area Technical School

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Atlanta's strength comes from its citizens, whose skills, attitudes, and ethics make them a productive and competitive force. Atlantans must be productive employees if the city and its environs are to attract new business and industry while also strengthening existing businesses that have allowed Atlanta to become the economic hub of the whole Southeast.

Age, race, color, national origin, sex, religion, marital status, or disability are not grounds for discrimination at Atlanta Technical College. Individuals should be able to learn and improve their academic skills, technical competence, and work attitudes through programs and services. These characteristics are required for employment acquisition, retention, and growth in a personally satisfying, socially valuable, and economically beneficial career.

Atlanta Technical College believes that technical education options must encompass general and technical literacy, academic abilities and knowledge, technical skills, and the attitudes required to enjoy life. Individuals must be competitive in today's work market in order to gain employment, and they must possess the talents that will earn them advancements throughout their careers.

Atlanta Technical College believes that a literate and technically competent citizenry will accelerate Atlanta's continued appeal to existing, expanding, new, and emerging businesses and industries, contributing to the economic and social growth of individuals living and working in and around Atlanta.

Aviation Maintenance Technology

The Avionics Bench Technician certificate program prepares students for careers in avionics maintenance technology-aircraft electronics. Graduates of this curriculum are prepared to work on aircraft electronics in avionics repair shops and to take the General Radio Operating License (GROL) exam. Nationally, the number of employment in this field is expected to expand by 7.3 percent.

TCC Avionics Bench Technician


Technicians in Avionics

Career Prospects

Over the next several years, the number of jobs in this field is predicted to grow by 6.8 percent nationally and 7.4 percent in Georgia. Salary estimates in this field begin at $44,000 per year.

Economic Modeling Specialists, International produced labor market data, which is updated annually.

Results of the Program

  1. A program graduate will be able to service airplane communication systems competently.
  2. A program graduate will be able to service aircraft sensors and indicators competently.
  3. Program graduates will be able to service autopilot and land systems competently.
  4. All service actions on aircraft shall be documented by program graduates.
  5. Program graduates will continue to pursue professional development and update training in their industry.
  6. Graduates of the program will take the GROL examinations.
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Atlanta Area Technical School

1560 Metropolitan Pkwy SW, Atlanta, GA 30310, United States
(404) 225-4400

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