Aircraft Maintenance Technician Schools (AMTS)

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An AMTS is an FAA-certified educational facility that prepares aspiring airplane mechanics for professions in the airline sector, aviation maintenance facilities, and commercial and general aviation (GA). Part 147 of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) outlines the requirements for the certification and operation of an AMTS. The regulation specifies the curriculum requirements as well as the operational standards for all certified AMTSs. The information, skills, and talents required of mechanics are extensive, necessitating extensive training. As a result, the FAA expects high standards from the AMTS.

The FAA may certify an AMTS for the following ratings:



Airframe and Engine (A&P).

A certified AMTS is given an Air Agency certificate as well as Operations Specifications (OpSpecs), which are legal documents that allow the FAA to authorize the AMTS to operate and explain the school's operational criteria, conditions, and restrictions. Each authorization document constitutes a legally binding contract between the FAA and the certificate holder.

Currently, the FAA does not certify part 147 AMTSs outside of the United States.


From the initial enquiry until certificate issue, the 14 CFR part 147 certification procedure allows for interaction between the applicant and the FAA. The procedure guarantees that programs, systems, and compliance techniques are properly reviewed, analyzed, and tested. If you have any queries about this procedure, please contact the local Flight Standards District Office (FSDO).

The certification procedure is divided into five stages, beginning with pre-application and concluding with certificate issuing. The Flight Standards Information Management System (FSIMS) and Advisory Circular (AC) 147-3B (relevant chapter reference below) give thorough details of the application requirements in each step. The flowchart of the certification procedure given below provides an overview of the part 147 certification process.

Flowchart of the Certification Process (PDF)

Pre-application — Phase 1

Applicants undertake an initial inquiry during this step by first educating themselves on part 147 requirements, then contacting their local FAA office and informing them of their intend to pursue part 147 AMTS certification. To begin the certification process, the AMTS applicant must submit a completed FAA form 8400-6, Pre-Application Statement of Intent. Once the FAA has the required resources to proceed with the certification, it will schedule a pre-application meeting with the applicant.

Formal Application (Phase 2)

During this step, the applicant meets with the FAA for a formal application meeting and provides all required application paperwork.

Document Compliance (Phase 3)

During this phase, the FAA reviews the submitted certification documents to confirm that they meet the criteria of Part 147. If flaws are discovered in the curriculum or any other pre-application papers, the FAA will return these documents to the applicant along with a letter describing the deficiencies.

Demonstration & Inspection (Phase 4)

During this phase, the FAA will work with the applicant to schedule an inspection of the facility. At this stage, the FAA anticipates that the AMTS facility will be fully operational, with all necessary shop equipment, instructional aids, instructional aircraft, special tools, and other laboratory or shop installations in place. During the inspection, FAA inspectors will thoroughly evaluate the facilities and equipment to ensure that the processes, programs, facilities, and equipment fulfill FAA criteria and are safe and sufficient for the shop's training program to be effective.

Certification is the fifth stage.

When all regulatory requirements are completed, the school will be awarded an AMTS Air Agency certificate as well as the necessary Operations Specifications.


Pre-application Statement of Intent (PASI) 8400-6, Aviation Maintenance Technician School Certificate and Ratings Application 8310-6, Aviation Maintenance Technician School Certificate and Ratings Application

Air Agency Certificate, 8000-4. (This form is only available to FAA employees.)


Part 147 of the 14 CFR,

AC 147-3B, Advisory Circular, Certification and Operation of Aviation Maintenance Technician Schools

Flight Standards Information Management System (FAA Order 8900.1) (FSIMS)

Volume 2: The Certification and Application Process for Air Operators and Air Agencies

The Generic Process for Certifying Organizations (Chapter 1)

Section 1 contains general information about the certification process.

Chapter 12: Part 147 Aviation Maintenance Technician School Certification

1.Phase 1–Preapplication Section

Phase 2–Formal Application Section 2 (SAS Business Process Modules 1 and 2)

Section 3.Phase 3–Design Evaluation (SAS Business Process Modules 2, 3, and 4)

Section 4–Phase 4–Performance Evaluation (SAS Business Process Modules 2, 3, and 4)

Section 5.Phase 5–Administrative Functions of Certification

General Technical Administration, Volume 3

Specifications for Operations, Chapter 18

Section 11: Operations Specifications for Part 147 Aviation Maintenance Technician Schools (Parts A, B, and D)

Surveillance (Volume 6)

Part 147 Inspections (Chapter 10)

  • Section 1: Aviation Maintenance Technician School (AMTS) Surveillance Introduction
  • Section 2: Examine the AMTS Organizational Management.
  • Section 3: Examine AMTS Training Operations as well as Student Records
  • Section 4: Examine AMTS Facilities
  • Section 5: Assess an AMTS Initial Curriculum or a Curriculum Revision
  • Section 6: Assess AMTS Procedures
  • Section 7: Assess the AMTS Distance Learning Program



  • Flowchart of the Certification Process (PDF)
  • Overview of AMTS Certification (PDF)
  • Job Aid for AMTS Certification (PDF)
  • AC 147-3B Sample Letter of Compliance/Compliance Statement (MS Word)
  • Part 147 Schedule of Events (SOE) Example (MS Excel)
  • Job Aid for Curriculum Evaluation (MS Excel)
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