November 11, 2021

A&E Aircraft Maintenance School in Plano

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Begin your career as an Aircraft Mechanic by enrolling in our on-the-job training program in Dallas, Texas.

This program is free for Afghan refugees and provides suitable jobs for Afghan residents who have relocated to the United States.

A comprehensive check of an aircraft is required once a year.

You must jack up the aircraft and test the landing gear for proper operation. while you are undergoing aircraft maintenance training

You will learn how to examine airplane engines.

Aircraft maintenance technicians (AMTs) are also known as A&P (Airframe and Powerplant) technicians. (same thing) Are in charge of repairing and performing preventative and routine maintenance on all types of airplanes and helicopters. A&P mechanics with FAA certification are in high demand. To keep the industry safe, mechanics and pilots are needed. This instruction is available at our aircraft mechanics school. After only 20 months of training, our students are frequently employed by a maintenance company and begin earning $25.00 per hour.

Turbine engines are removed and sent to repair shops for inspection.

You can work at a repair shop or be in charge of removing and reinstalling the engine. Both positions need a high level of skill and pay well. Our on-the-job training program produces the top mechanics in the industry. Future employers will be able to tell if you can do the job rather than if you have a lot of worthless knowledge.

General aviation planes necessitate the same level of maintenance as commercial aircraft.
Maintenance technicians will frequently change the oil and filter, as well as other parts such as starters, magnetos, or engine cylinders. When working on smaller aircraft, the mechanic will often complete work on all of the aircraft's components, whereas jobs on larger jet aircraft will be more specialized.

It is critical to be able to detect errors before they occur.

Small fractures in a cabin can often start and lead to the full destruction of the building.

Aircraft maintenance is a fantastic job! Good-paying occupations are accessible throughout the country. When you pass your A&P exam, we will assist you in finding work. And we will either promise you a job or recruit you ourselves.
Starting your career in our aviation maintenance training program will give you the confidence to work on any type of aircraft. And, once done, you will have the advantage of three years of experience when seeking for a job.

This program does not pay its employees. Under direct supervision, you will complete work on live aircraft. Tools are given throughout the course, but at the end, you should have a complete set of portable hand tools that you will use in your new employment once you obtain your A&P license. We anticipate that you will spend $20.00 every week on those tools.

To complete the 4800 hours of needed training in 40 months, you will work 4 days a week in the shop for 6 hours a day and one day of home study for 6 hours per week. You can also work 40 hours per week and finish it in 30 months. You can select the hours that are most convenient for you. Every day is logged and marked in your Log book, home study days are tested and graded, and time is not counted unless the weekly exam is passed. When you graduate, you will have three years of logged aviation maintenance experience, which is not accessible through any certified A&P school and is typically required by larger shops hiring new mechanics, such as airlines and Fed X.

To be admitted into any program, you must first come in and pass a 30-minute mechanical aptitude test. Call today to schedule your exam.

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A&E Aircraft Maintenance School

6356 W Plano Pkwy, Plano, TX 75093, United States
(512) 308-7057

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