November 24, 2021

Idaho State University

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Technology for Aircraft Maintenance

Description of the Program

Aircraft maintenance has a vast, largely unfulfilled need. Aircraft technicians work on various forms of planes, helicopters, gliders, and balloons. They examine, maintain, and repair airframes, power plants, and the systems and components of numerous aircraft makes and models. Technicians are permitted to overhaul and modify aircraft in accordance with FAA regulations and guidelines. Technicians must have strong interpersonal skills because they contact with aircraft owners and other maintenance workers on a daily basis.

Mechanics evaluate the engines, landing gear, controls, instruments, structure, and other parts of the plane on a regular basis and make necessary repairs and adjustments. They are taught how to disassemble the engine and use sensitive measurement devices to inspect the parts for wear. Parts that are worn or damaged are fixed or replaced. Technicians may also repair aircraft fabric and sheet metal surfaces, test the tension of control cables, and inspect the fuselage and wings for rust, distortion, and cracks. They carry out necessary maintenance or repairs in accordance with specified Federal or Manufacturer's specifications. All inspections, maintenance, and repairs are recorded in the aircraft maintenance records.

Airframe welding, aircraft structural design, hardware, electrical, hydraulic, and heating and air conditioning systems are all taught to technicians. Both reciprocating and turbine engine design and operation are covered in engine education.

Overview of the Program

In August, students will be accepted into the program.

Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. are typical classroom hours.

Each year, 25 students are accepted into the program.

Optional Degrees

Airframe and Engine Bachelor of Science in Applied Science (2 years)

Sequence of Classes Bachelor of Science in Applied Science Degree: Costs of the Airframe and Powerplant Program

Advanced Technical Certificate in Powerplants (2 years)

Advanced Technical Certificate: Powerplant Course Sequence Program Fees

Intermediate Technical Certificate for Airframes (1 year)

Sequence of Classes

Bachelor of Applied Science (four years or more)

Opportunities for Employment

Airlines, both national and regional

Airports, aerodromes, and aircraft services

Manufacturers of aerospace products and parts

Airlines that charter flights

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Idaho State University

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